Shaftless Elevators

Saving Space
with Shaftless Elevators

Shaftless elevators are the perfect remodel solution for most any multi level home. Saving space and construction costs, a shaftless elevator can be installed virtually anywhere in your home. Stiltz Lifts, SHC – Staying Home Corporation, and Savaria Elevators manufacture shaftless residential elevators. Shaftless elevators can either pass through the floor or attach to a balcony. When a shaftless elevator is installed through the floor, the passthrough is protected by a “floating” hatch cover that becomes the load bearing floor when the elevator is below. A balcony installation has an interlocked, upper landing gate that protects the void when the elevator is below. Shaftless elevators have an array of redundant safety sensors above and below the car that detect any obstruction. When a shaftless elevator is at the upper landing, besides the rails, the space below is free and open. Shaftless elevators range in price from $28K to $36K, installed with tax and permit. Call us at EazyLift Elevators to learn more.

Stiltz - Trio Alta Thru external gate landing