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EazyLift® Elevators specializes in residential elevators! Why bother with a wheelchair lift or stairlift if you can have an actual home elevator, capable of safely carrying a wheelchair and multiple passengers. Installation of a new elevator in your Las Vegas home is a breeze for our licensed elevator mechanics.

A modernization of your existing home elevator to bring old equipment up to date with modern technology is another option we encourage.

Either way, EazyLift® Elevators will offer you an ongoing service agreement to retain a reliable, locally based, licensed technician who will keep your residential elevator running smoothly.

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Vue Lift Mini - Living Room - 2nd Floor


EazyLift® Elevators represents the following residential elevator manufacturers:


There are hoistway (shafted) elevators, and shaftless elevators to choose from once you decide to install a residential elevator. As the names imply, the former requires a shaft in which to travel up and down, while the latter remains out in the open, moving from level to level either through the floor or to a balcony.

Through-the-floor models have a weight bearing, hatch lid that protects the hole in the floor when the home elevator is on the lower landing.

Either type of home elevator can be cable, chain or hydraulic drive. The knowledgeable crew at EazyLift® Elevators can help decide which is right for you.


Space for a hoistway elevator can be added into the floor plans for new homes under construction, allowing for the installation of a traditional shafted elevator. While shafted elevators tend to be more expensive to install, they do conceal the elevator car and accompanying mechanical equipment out of sight behind a wall and closed doors, with the machine room conveniently tucked away.


Shaftless home elevators are the optimum solution to retrofit into existing homes which usually don’t have room for a hoistway elevator. Installation costs tend to be less for shaftless residential elevators because they don’t require a hoistway to be constructed in your home.


The visibility of shaftless elevators can be used as an advantage: Savaria offers a beautiful model called the Vuelift, which has 360° clear glass or acrylic walls, allowing for flexibility of placement in your house. Installed in the center of a room, next to a balcony, or running up the middle of a spiral staircase, this stunning elevator displays like an elegant work of art, while offering passengers a full circle view of your home.

The Staying Home Corporation has a shaftless elevator which is the only battery-powered elevator on the market. Power outages need not be a concern. For areas where power is not available, Staying Home Corporation has a solar powered option for battery charging.

Stiltz Lifts makes the best home elevators for residential remodels. The Duo Alta and Trio Alta series lifts are self-supporting and can be installed virtually anywhere in your home. Stiltz Lifts offers the most modern-looking and versatile shaftless elevators on the market.

Whether shafted or shaftless, both types of residential elevators are available in different sizes, weight capabilities and levels of luxury. EazyLift® Elevators will help you find the best home elevator to fit your home, style and budget.

Rest assured that your residential elevator will be expertly installed by licensed, locally residing, Las Vegas elevator technicians. Call us for your free onsite evaluation!